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serpent head heelA couple of years ago, I got a “fan letter” from a woman who said she read and enjoyed my novel, “Seven Archangels: Annihilation” even though she was a satanist. (My first thought? Why would a satanist read a book about angels from a Christian perspective?)  She told me the things she liked and that she found it quite interesting. And then…

…then she said that while communing with her master (ie, the bad dude) she read parts of it to him. And she was sad to tell me he hated it.

The letter went on with a scathing blast about all sorts of things ranging from the plot to the way I’d depicted Satan (for example, he took offense that two of his Cherubim were smarter than he was; actually, she said that he objected to me writing him “stupid” when really the character is very smart, just not “the smartest,” so that tells you something about how evil thinks.) She told me Satan would make my life miserable and I had only my book to thank for it, and have a nice day.

I did a little google sleuthing and determined this person was a fruitcake with extra nuts, and I don’t think she was really receiving correspondence from the bad dude, but here’s the thing: if we’re doing our job right, Satan should hate what we do.

Think about that: you want Satan to hate your work.

If you’re being a wife or a mother or a writer or an actuarial accountant according to God’s plan for you, if your work is pleasing to God, and if you’re giving glory to God with your life: yeah, Satan’s going to hate that.

And, well, tough. Jesus came to us to deliver us from evil. Jesus showed us His power over Satan, and then Jesus gave the Church similar authority over Satan. God said there would be enmity between the snake and the woman, and we’ve been told the gates of Hell won’t prevail against us. In fact, Jesus guaranteed that the world would hate us because it hated him first, and Satan is the prince of this world.

Even though I think it’s a waste of time to bother hating me (it’s kind of like hating a box of stale Wheat Thins, you know?) the truth is that I, like every other human being, is made in the image and likeness of God, and therefore Satan hates us when we conform to that image. When we do the work God gave us to do, Satan hates that too. 

Take courage, then. Satan hated Jesus first, and if you ever find yourself bearing the brunt of a demonic attack, that’s a good sign. When it feels as if your work life or your family life is being blocked or attacked, be glad and rejoice. It means you’re doing your job.

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