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September 13, 2019

This week over at the forum we’ve had some great discussions! We’ve been discussing frustrations with healthcare providers who don’t take NFP or fertility concerns seriously (and how to find someone who does!) as well as topics like the Marian Consecration and MamaStrong- a workout program for busy moms who want to be healthier! So feel free to stop by, register for an account if you haven’t already, and come join us! We’d love to chat with you! https://livingthesacrament.com/register/

Are you looking for answers about natural family planning? Or looking to make friends and build community with other women who are going through the same questions about fertility, raising families, and living according to Church teaching? Come check out the forum section of this website! In order to protect the privacy of the members, as many of these topics are very sensitive, you have to register and make an account to see the content, but you can still be as anonymous as you want. 

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