The following are a list of categories and descriptions for the majority of the forums you will see on our site.

Women’s Forum ~ On-Topic
Natural Family Planning

  • Just Curious: Want to learn more about NFP? Have questions about irregular cycles or basic cycle management? Post your questions here.
  • Prayerfully Postponing: Post here for support and guidance when prayerfully postponing a pregnancy.
  • Multiplying Our Love: Are you currently having fertile relations or actively trying to conceive?  Find support and post your questions here.
  • Fertility, Cycles, and Menstruation: Come ask questions and discuss anything fertility/cycle related here.

St. Anne’s Angels

  • Coping with Infertility: A place for physical and emotional support and guidance when coping with, or learning more about, infertility.
  • Pregnancy and Infant Loss: A safe space for those who have been through or are currently experiencing pregnancy or infant loss.

Cause of our Joy

  • Adoption: Come discuss and support one another through the process of adoption here.
  • Pregnancy Announcements: Come share the good news.
  • Pregnancy Questions and Buddy Group: A place for all things pregnancy related.
  • Labor, Delivery, and Postpartum: Post your questions and share with one another about Labor, Delivery, and Post-Partum times here.

Raising Saints

  • Birth and Adoption Stories: Share your birth and adoption stories here.
  • The First Year: Post your diapering, feeding, and infant parenting questions here.
  • The Toddler Years (Ages 1-4): Discuss the ins and outs of raising a toddler.
  • Growing Up! (Ages 5+): Post here for support as your children grow! Please request separate forums for older children if so desired.
  • Everyday Parenting: For everything not fitting into an age category or fitting into more then one category.

Women’s Forum ~ Off-Topic
Life on the Rock

  • Everyday Life: This is our general off-topic board free to talk about anything and everything not fertility or pregnancy related.
  • Friendships & Meet-ups: Connect with one another and see who’s living in your part of the world.
  • A Healthier You: Post here about everything from weight-loss to “green” cleaning supplies and products here.
  • Living the Faith: Want to start a bible study?  Ask for further help understanding your faith?  Post here.
  • When Two Become One: A place to discuss the joys and struggles of marriage whether you are newly married or a seasoned pro.
  • Prayer Requests: Allow us to pray for you through the happiness and hardship.

The Corner Market

  • Classifieds: This space is for our members to sell or trade goods.
  • Product Reviews: Have a product you love or hate?  Review it here.

*There are also several private forums which require admin approval to view.  One is the “Teachers Lounge” which is for NFP instructors, and the other is our Private forum which includes Personal Journals, private prayer board, and a hot topics section.  Members who have 250 or more on-topic posts are eligible for the private forum.