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Most people have heard of Natural Family Planning (NFP) or Fertility Education, however, many wonder how it differs from contraceptive devices and birth control pills. It can seem that in both cases the end result appears the same: a family spaced to best fit its needs. But I assure you, fertility education is different. It is different in approach, outlook, and freedom. Using fertility education is empowering and freeing in ways contraceptives, by design, are incapable of.

Fear permeates our lives in sly, stealthy, even deadly ways when it comes to the fertility of a healthy, naturally functioning woman. When our secular culture talks to us about sex we hear that we need to protect ourselves and be safe. These aren’t words of empowerment or acceptance of one’s natural, healthy abilities. These are words meant to evoke fear. The contraceptive culture wants us to be afraid because if we are afraid we will look to contraception to be saved. In this, we are teaching our daughters to fear their bodies and what they are capable of, not understand them.


Fertility Education, however, embraces these natural feminine abilities in a holistic way. A healthy, fertile woman is not made to hide, or shut down that very feminine, and often very healthy, part of her body. Rather, she is treated with respect and trained with a system that promotes healing and health. By its very nature, Fertility Education recognizes on a cyclical basis, the ability for the couple to co-create new life. Through mutual discernment the couple is able to avoid or achieve pregnancy using a system that is based in knowledge, not fear.

July 21st-27th is NFP Awareness Week. I would encourage you all to learn more about the truth and beauty of Fertility Education, and to share the good news with others!

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