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SymptoPro Fertility Education teaches the Sympto-Thermal method of NFP and has been providing quality Natural Family Planning education for over 25 years. Our classes are informative, personal, and discreet. More and more couples are discovering the joy of NFP, and in response, we now offer three ways to take our course. Purchase of any of type of course includes lifetime support from your NFP Instructor at no extra charge.

In person

This method of NFP education is highly recommended. Each class series consists of three two-hour classes that meet over the course of one month with personalized follow-up. The benefits to this approach include face-to-face instruction, an easily facilitated relationship with your NFP Instructor, and the opportunity to ask questions both of your Instructor and of the other couples. Classes are held locally in Portland from 7-9pm at 6200 Se King Rd., Portland, OR. We also have certified NFP Instructors in most states; please contact us for the name of someone close to you.


If your schedule does not allow you to attend the evening NFP classes, or if you live outside of the Portland area, we offer an online NFP course. Containing all of the information and course packets as the class series, this option allows for greater flexibility of schedule. You will be assigned a personal NFP Instructor who will be available to answer questions and provide personalized feedback. The timeline for completion is the same as the in person classes, about a month, though you are given 4 months access to the online course.

Mail-in Correspondence

If you are both unable to make the in-person classes and do not have ready accessibility to a computer, you may opt to learn NFP through our correspondence course. Much like the online course, the correspondence course contains all of the necessary components for learning NFP, but all information is sent via mail. Chart review and follow-up with an NFP Instructor is included.

SymptoPro Fertility Education is offered by Northwest Family Services

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