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Next up in our Natural Family Planning: How to Get Started Series we welcome the Couple to Couple League!  LTS member and CCL instructor Heather gives us some details on this wonderful organization. Thank you Heather!


The Couple to Couple League (CCL) teaches the Sympto-Thermal Method of NFP. CCL is an international Catholic non-profit, and their services are provided by professionally-trained volunteer Teaching Couples who have witnessed the benefits of NFP in their own lives. In addition to onsite local classes, CCL offers live virtual classes and a Home Study Program. CCL is the largest NFP provider in the United States and has a presence in several countries around the world.


Detailed information is provided on observing and interpreting three fertility symptoms: cervical mucus, basal body (waking) temperature, and cervical changes. The basal body temperature is taken upon waking, at a pre-decided, consistent time. Then, the woman observes her cervical mucus as she progresses through the day and at each bathroom visit. She is taught to observe both mucus sensations and characteristics. No internal mucus check is done. Finally, while covered in detail in class, the cervix observation is an optional sign, and is not necessary to practice CCL’s method of NFP. Many women appreciate the extra information the cervix data can provide.


By the end of the day, all fertility data for that day is recorded on the chart. CCL strongly encourages husband involvement here whenever possible. Often the charting husband will record his wife’s temperature in the mornings and will discuss and write down his wife’s daily observations on the chart each night before bed. Through applying the charting rules given during class, couples are able to reliably discern the fertile and infertile times of the women’s cycle and have open communication about their family planning intentions and goals for a particular cycle.


A CCL Main NFP Series consists of three classes spaced about one month apart. Couples leave the first class ready to observe, chart, and interpret for the infertile post-ovulation time. Personal chart consultations take place at both Class 2 and Class 3, and instructors are always available at any time for questions or assistance, including after the class series has ended.

In the main NFP Series, you will:

  • Learn how to identify the three common signs of fertility and infertility
  • Understand how to interpret these signs to determine the fertile and infertile times of the female cycle
  • Discover how to apply NFP during special situations, such as stress and coming off hormonal birth control
  • Know how to use NFP to postpone or to help achieve a pregnancy
  • Realize the benefits of breastfeeding, including its effect on fertility
  • Recognize authentic married love and responsible parenthood

KitMaterials-smMaterials and Service Included:

  • Personal chart review & consulting from Teaching Couple
  • Manual: The Art of Natural Family Planning® Student Guide
  • Digital basal thermometer
  • Chart booklet
  • One-year of CCL’s award-winning magazine, Family Foundations
  • Book: Fertility, Cycles & Nutrition by Marilyn M. Shannon

Main NFP Series: Over 30 years of experience has shown us that the best way to learn NFP from CCL is by attending a MainNFPSeries. CCL classes are taught live in person or online by professionally trained volunteers who are committed to the principles of the League and who have witnessed the benefits of NFP in their own lives.

Special Circumstances

CCL provides additional classes for certain situations:

Homestudy Course: CCL offers the CCLHomeStudyCourse for those couples who do not have a local CCL Teaching Couple, or for those whose schedule prevents them from attending a either or local or virtual class.

Postpartum Class: The PostpartumClass is designed to provide specific information on how to interpret fertility signs during the transitional period between childbirth and the return of normal fertility cycles.

Premenopause Class: The PremenopauseClass is designed to help NFP couples navigate during the time the woman’s body is adjusting hormonally to the natural ending of her fertile years.

Upgrade Class: The purpose of the UpgradeClass is to teach the new, streamlined CCL method (released January 2007) to couples who are already practicing NFP or learned under CCL’s former method.

Visit our registration site to locateaclassbeingtaughtinyourarea. To view virtual classes, scroll to the bottom of the search results page.


Main Series In-Person: $140 (plus shipping)
Main Series Virtual: $150 (plus shipping)
Homestudy Course: $171 (includes shipping)

Supplemental Classes including Premenopausal, Postpartum, and the Upgrade class are all for no additional charge if the client is a current CCL member. It is necessary to purchase the relevant supplemental book or upgrade class materials before taking the class.

Annual Membership Contribution to continue receiving the CCL magazine, Family Foundations, as well as supplemental classes as needed for previous students: $35

Note: No one is turned away for lack of funds. If financial aid is needed, please contact the Teaching Couple or CCL for instructions on how to apply.


CCL currently offers CyclePRO Charting Software for those who wish to chart their fertility data electronically.

cycleprochartCyclePRO is based on CCL’s method. As you electronically record your daily observations of fertility (cervical mucus, basal temperature, and cervix changes), CyclePRO automatically color-codes the fertile and infertile times of your cycle based on the rules you select. CyclePRO allows you to plan your pregnancies and keep an accurate electronic charting history of your cycles.

CyclePRO was designed for those who have already received instruction in CCL’s method.

Note: CyclePRO currently matches the 1st edition of the CCL manual, The Art of Natural Family Planning Student Guide.

A web version, updated to the current 2nd edition manual, along with apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android are in development as of September 2012.

Additional Resources

Online Class Search and Registration – http://register.ccli.org/

The Art of NFP (CCL blog) – http://artofnfp.org/

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Couple-to-Couple-League-Natural-Family-Planning/211105765697


This spotlight was written by:

Heather Turner
LTS member and Certified CCL Instructor


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