The Knights of Columbus was established in 1882 to provide a means by which Catholic men could support the Catholic Church, provide financial protection to protect their families, and engage in works of charity to benefit the less fortunate. Today, its nearly 1.8 million members make up the largest Catholic lay organization in the world. From helping children in need to providing wheelchairs for the physically disabled and support for the intellectually handicapped, from helping to stock food banks to offering top-rated and affordable life insurance to its members, the Knights has been at the service of the communities in which we live and the needy around the world for more than 127 years. (C)2003-2011 Knights of Columbus

Fathers for GoodAn initiative of the Knights of Columbus, this wonderful resource seeks to support all men in all stages of fatherhood. It also has resources for wives looking to support their husbands in becoming the best fathers they can be. Please check out this amazing ministry!   ~ Blog ~      ~Podcast List~


NFCMIncludes both local and online support. See their website for information on local groups in your area. NFCM Global Catholic Men’s Network 

Men Marked for Christ

 – Marked Men For Christ seeks to help Christian men embrace more fully the gift of the Holy Spirit and the mark with which they were sealed at Baptism (2 Cor. 1:22). Working as a complement to others who proclaim the Gospel, but without affiliation to any denomination or pretense of becoming one, MMFC responds to the spiritual needs of men in contemporary society by sharing wisdom, exhorting holiness, and strengthening one another for mission in Jesus Christ. © 2009, Marked Men For Christ



Catholic Dads Online

 The purpose of this ministry is to help Catholic dads live out and witness to their universal vocation as Catholics and their individual vocations as fathers. See this site to brows blog posts and articles from other Catholic dads and join in the conversation!




Fraternus equips and inspires men to do what only they can do – be spiritual fathers and mentors to the boys in their life.  Every man has what it takes, but not every man had a True Mentor as a boy. This is where the Fraternus programming, training and support take a man who is willing, faithful and Catholic and form him into a True Mentor which in return causes an entire transformation in a family, community and the culture. © 2011 Fraternus