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Hero GraphicSince we first opened LTS we have discussed how best to support our Men. We’ve received a number of questions in the past asking why we do not welcome men into our women-only forum.  We are promoting shared fertility are we not? 

While the answer to that question is a resounding, “YES!”, we also feel that having gender separated forums is in everyone’s best interest. Appropriate conversation between a women and her husband is potentially very different then what might be appropriate for her to discuss around men other then her spouse.  And considering that many people seek out forums when needing support regarding situations of the utmost personal nature, that need for a “safe space” becomes even greater. With that in mind we decided our forum would be a registration-only, women’s forum. We also decided to remain open to a Men’s forum developing sometime in the future if the need and resources presented themselves.

We are excited to announce that, that time has arrived! In recent months we’ve received more and more requests for a Men’s forum and had several wonderful men step up to lead it! This past week we officially opened the LTS Men’s Forum for public registration! 

      • To learn more about what you will see on the Men’s forum Click HERE and scroll to the bottom section.
      • To Meet the Men’s Council Click HERE
      • To Register for the Men’s Forum CLICK HERE

Please help us spread the word!

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