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There are a number of states where marriage is on the ballot this fall.  Some states seek to clarify the definition of marriage by adding the language that marriage is only to be legally valid between one man and one woman.  Other states are seeking to legalize gay marriage by popular vote, something which has never before passed in previous elections.


This is such a difficult subject to discuss because of the immediate accusations and assumptions that come with a belief in favor of traditional marriage:

You’re a Bigot!

You Hate!!!

This is no different the slavery or other past forms of unjust discrimination!

It’s just love, what’s wrong with that?

And the attack goes on…

Yesterday I heard one of the most well spoken, theologically sound, LOVING talks I’ve ever heard on the subject. 

Father Mike Schmitz is the Chaplain for the Catholic Campus Ministry program at the University of Minnesota Duluth.  He gives a clear, informative, engaging homily about same sex attraction, the attempt to re-define marriage, and what it means to all of us and society as a whole.  More-so he does this with authentic love and respect for everyone involved.  We must be able to have honest dialog about this issue without shame or fear.

I know asking you to take almost 30 min to invest in a message is a tough sell but I’m doing it anyway.  Take the time.  You won’t regret it.

Father Mike
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