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familyofamericasFamily of the Americas Foundation (FAF) purpose is to promote family unity by encouraging parents to meet their mutual responsibilities to each other and to their children.

The Ovulation Method is not the old “rhythm method” or the temperature method. It is a new scientifically proven method, researched by Dr. John Billings with the scientific research confirmed by the famous endocrinologist James B. Brown. This method is based on the simple recognition of natural signs of fertility that appear for a few days during the woman’s menstrual cycle. Family of the Americas (FAF) was instrumental in simplifying the teaching and charting system of the Ovulation Method that made it applicable for universal use.

By keeping accurate records, a woman can now confidently identify the fertile and infertile phases of her cycle. Women with long or irregular cycles, breast-feeding mothers, and even those going through pre-menopause or discontinuing artificial methods of family planning may use the Ovulation Method safely and effectively.

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For more infomation on FAF and To find an instructor: “Family of the Americas has trained Ovulation Method instructors in the United States and many foreign countries. A list of instructors is automatically included with each order of materials from Family of the Americas, or you can request a copy of the teacher referral list.” –