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One of our members shared this prayer with our community after finding it within in a box of prayer cards and medals she had saved.  I’ve been unable to find the prayer online and there was no credit given on her prayer card.  If you know the author of this prayer please let us know in the combox as we’d love to add the attribution.  Special thanks to our friend C for sharing this with us!

Eternal Father, through Natural Family Planning we have come to appreciate that we should never use another person for our own self-gratification. We pray for an increase in the grace needed to appreciate the sanctity of all human life, and for an increase in the virtues You know we need most. Strengthen our marriage, so that we may be living examples of a chaste and holy marriage for Your greater glory and the salvation of souls, particularly the souls of our (future/possible) children.

The Scriptures are clear that children are a great blessing. The Psalmist declares, “Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward!” (Psalm 127:3). We know that we are called to be open to life and to raise up children for Your honor and glory in accordance with Your will. However, we know that for serious reasons, the Church permits the spacing of children through the use of Natural Family Planning. Please come into our hearts and fill us with knowledge, prudence, wisdom, grace, and generosity of spirit, so that we may know what You are calling us to do with our fertility at this time.

Lord Jesus, born into a loving and caring human family, we turn to You in this moment of need. You know the desires of our hearts even before we voice them, yet you encourage us to pray in Your Name. Therefore we come to You, asking that You touch our hearts and make known Your Holy Will regarding our family. Led by the Spirit, we submit ourselves humbly to your Church, and we call upon Mary and Joseph to keep us always in communion with You and the will of Your Father. Amen.