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It’s time for our final, scheduled spotlight in our Natural Family Planning: How to Get Started Series! If you use a method that is found in our methods tab but was not spotlighted, and would like to write a review or encourage your instructor to do so we welcome you to contact us! This week we are very pleased to welcome Fertility Care Practioner, Kathryn Niswonger to give us a review of the Creighton Model! Thank you so much Kathryn!


The Creighton Model is a Fertility Care System (CrMS).  In association with a new women’s health science called Naprotechnology, the Creighton Model provides a medical option for couples/women. The Creighton Model Services are performed by professionally trained practitioners.  Classes are taught on an individual basis.

“Research leading to the development of the Creighton Model System began in 1976 and the system was first fully described in 1980.  The research on this system has continued up until the present day and it has an extraordinary degree of scientific understanding and validity.  In the CrMS, fertility is observed as a part of health, not disease.  It is a system that is specifically not a natural contraceptive.  Rather, it is a true method of family planning . . . a method that can be used in two ways, to achieve, as well as, avoid pregnancy.  These principles make this system distinctly different from contraception, artificial or natural.” (http://www.creightonmodel.com/)

The Creighton Model System relies upon the standardized observation of one biological marker: “cervical mucus.”  The woman observes this biological marker throughout the day and is taught the standardized terminology by her individual teacher. In monitoring the changes in this biological marker a couple is able to assess when they are naturally fertile and infertile allowing the couple to use the system as a means to avoid pregnancy or achieve pregnancy through the concept of selective intercourse.


The woman/couple is given instruction through individual training on how to chart her biological marker of cervical mucus.  The couple charts their/her most fertile sign of the day. Based on this information obtained from charting, a couple can obtain knowledge of their fertility and also abnormalities in a woman’s health. Naprotechnology is a natural and procreative technology. This science works cooperatively with the woman’s cycle.   A physician specializing in naprotechnology is able to begin treatment of patients based on a woman’s charting.  Creighton charting is the first step to being treated by a Naprotechnology medical consultant.

The Creighton Model teaching schedule consists of 8 classes that take place over the span of one year. After the first class the woman will begin to observe her cervical mucus and chart her cycles. At subsequent classes additional training occurs and Creighton charts will be managed by a trained practitioner. Creighton is tailor made to the couple/woman therefore individual instruction is essential.

During the 8 sessions the following will take place:

      • Learn how to check for the biological marker of cervical mucus
      • Understand the fertility or infertility of the day “selective intercourse is introduced.
      • Discover how to apply the Creighton Model to special circumstances such as stress, postpartum and breastfeeding, premenopausal, coming of hormonal contraceptives.
      • Marital bonding and SPICE instruction.
      • Assessment of potential abnormalities to a woman’s reproductive and gynecological health.

Medical Aspect

Napro Technology RevolutionCreighton Model of fertility Care coupled with Naprotechnology specializes in the treatment of Infertility, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Endometriosis, repetitive miscarriages, perimenopausal, postpartum depression, hormonal abnormalities and a variety of other diagnoses.

Our office accepts most major insurance companies.  The self pay rate is $30.00 for an introductory session, $ 30.00 for supplies. Each subsequent follow-up costs $30.00 per visit. This can vary from office to office so please go to http://www.fertilitycare.org/ to find a teacher in your area.


There is a charting App in the works but as of yet there is no set release date.

Additional Resource

For more information on the Creighton Method of FertilityCare or Naprotechnology please view:





This spotlight was written by:

Kathryn Niswonger, BSN, FCP
Registered Nurse and Fertility Care Practitioner of the Creighton Model
For classes in Indianapolis please contact:
The Kolbe Center( accepts insurance )
1803 Broadripple Ave
Indianapolis IN 46220
Phone: 317-726-0777
Practitioner: BrieAnne Eichhorn RN, FCP on staff
Naprotechnology Medical Consultant: Melanie Margiotta MD (director)


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