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Last week in London philanthropist and billionaire Melinda Gates called for $4  billion to be raised toward efforts of providing more widespread availability of contraceptives to women in third world countries.

The Family Planning summit, co-sponsored by Andrew Mitchell, the United Kingdom’s secretary for the Department for International Development (DfID), brought over 260 delegates from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), governments, and NGO’s like Planned Parenthood International and Marie Stopes International. Also intimately involved? You got it. The pharmaceutical companies.The goal? “Giving 120 million more women access to contraceptives by 2020.”

Mindy, Mindy, Mindy.

When will you learn that children are not to blame for the world’s poverty problems? When will you learn that your favorite method to “offer” women in third world countries is actually proven to be harmful and even potentially deadly? When will you stop your contraceptive “aid” to countries that make it policy to coerce women into sterilization and abortion? When will you learn that your “help” isn’t helping, and your “gift” isn’t wanted by many?

Population Control is so 40 years ago

The overwhelming message from people across the political and global spectrum: we’re not into “access to contraception”, which is a euphemism for population control and reproductive imperialism. That’s so last century. Here are a number of notable responses from across that spectrum. [These are from English speaking people and countries. If you have other examples, please comment or email me!] Facts for Melinda Gates

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The ladies at ProWomanProLife note,

“Does Melinda Gates know that the Report from the 2009 Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS reported that 50% of all newly acquired HIV infections across the globe are occurring in women of reproductive age? Why? Because powerful steriod-based drugs (read DepoProvera – Melinda’s preferred method of contraception not for herself, but for poor women) alter their immunity and cervical flora, making them more susceptible to infection.  Once they have contracted HIV, these contraceptives have a debilitating effect, in that they lead to a deadly progression of the disease.”

Other great articles

No Controversy? Yes, Controversy.

The PR catch phrase for the Family Planning Summit–“no controversy”–is candy to the media. It’s easily digested with no content.

I challenge you to dedicate some time to sit down and  and read some of this. Become more informed, and share, share, share. If you’ve been keeping up on the Family Planning Summit and the workings of the Gates Foundation, what have you read? What critical responses did you see that seemed most effective? Lastly, make sure you sign the petition to Melinda Gates.

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